Hi! I’m Valerie, people call me Coach Val

Making decisions was always hard for me and it really held me back. I grew up with parents who had opposite views about almost everything. My father was a liberal Jewish man and my mother an ultra-conservative Evangelical Christian woman. My father said black, my mother said white. 

I internalized my parents’ voices and for much of my life I had an internal tug of war as if my father was an advisor on one shoulder and my mother an advisor on the other. The two voices often canceled each other out and left me completely paralyzed. I found it hard to get clarity about what I really wanted. My indecision stopped me from taking important steps to create the life I wanted and knew I deserved. 

When I was approaching forty, I enlisted a coach to help me get unstuck. With the help of my coach, I was finally able to move past my paralyzing indecision and I began to achieve the things I had always wanted. 

One of the first dreams I fulfilled was to become a mother. I had always yearned to be a mother and even though I was not partnered at the time, I knew it was time to take action. Since then, I have experienced more happiness and fulfillment in my life than I have ever known possible. 

My experience of transformation was so powerful that I decided I wanted to pay it forward and learn how to help others transform their lives, too. It has become my life’s mission to help others move forward in the ways they want and deserve. 

Valerie Vigoda, MBA
Founder, Valrose Solutions

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