Discover the benefit of on-site team-building and training!

  • Reduce travel costs and eliminate time away from work
  • Give teams a shared language that gets everyone on the same page
  • Provide tools that can be used immediately
  • Boost morale, productivity and satisfaction in the workplace

Listed below are some of our most popular seminar topics.  We’re happy to work with you to customize any topic to meet your specific needs.

Management and Leadership

  1. Leadership and Teambuilding
    • Learn what makes a good leader, how to motivate your team, how to delegate effectively, how to deal with problem players and more
  2. Making the Shift from Staff to Supervisor
    • You will have the opportunity to assess your skills, learn how to best establish your new role, build a strong team, learn how to effectively delegate and how to give your team members valuable feedback
  3. How to Build a Highly Successful Team
    • Learn how to set team goals that will be met, how to best establish roles and responsibilities that capitalize on each team member’s strengths, conduct a productive team meeting every time, and foster a culture where team members take pride in their team


  1. How to Deal with Difficult People
    • Learn why some people can seem so difficult, learn the four predominant behavioral styles and which one fits you, improve your communication with people of all styles, minimize problem encounters and actually get positive outcomes with difficult people
  2. Communicate with Tact and Diplomacy
    • Reduce misunderstandings and confusion by ensuring that your message is received the way you intended it, dramatically improve your listening skills, learn about the 3Vs of communication and how to convey a convincing, persuasive message that gets results

Customer Service

  1. How to Deliver the Best Customer Service Ever
    • Learn how to make a great first impression, acquire strategies for building great rapport with your customers, gain tools to better determine what your customers want, learn how to make an unhappy customer your best and most loyal customer

On-site Training Options

  • Seminars can be offered in full-day, half-day, and lunch-n-learn formats.

Please contact us to discuss pricing based on your unique needs.

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